My work is a conversation, an exploration of color, shape, line, and form. I experiment with different mediums and employ a variety of methodologies--collage, cut ups, juxtaposition--as a way of incorporating chance and cultivating surprise. I’m a hunter and gatherer of images, mining the organic and man-made, the history of abstraction, textiles, non-Western cultures, and digital imaging, to bring together a multiplicity of discordant sources. I attempt to locate new ways of knitting together disparate references while questioning how perceptions are created. A fluid relationship with the idea of what beauty can be--stumbling or walking backward into an awkward beauty--is what interests me. This way of working is useful in opening doors, dislocating preconceived outcomes, and enabling shifts of perception and the limitless possibilities they suggest.

 Disparate vocabularies--the language of signifiers, symbols, and patterns--wander through my work. For years I studied dance, and I often think a more apt word to describe what I do is choreography. Playing with movement and form in two-dimensional space, I try to engage materials spontaneously, improvisationally, and deliberately. For me painting is creating a space that allows for ambiguity and invites experimentation; it’s about possibility and not knowing all the answers.